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Our Mission

ScoutMD empowers dog owners to extend their pets' lives through early cancer detection.

Dogs Saving Dogs

Humans have long been leveraging dogs’ amazing scent capabilities to hunt, detect bombs and drugs, and to find missing people.

ScoutMD keeps your dog safe and healthy by using our special trained cancer detection dogs to regularly screen your furry best friend’s cancer.

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Just Incredible

Dogs have 300 million smell receptors compared to humans’ 5 million.

Using this incredible sense of smell, a dog could detect a spray of perfume in a small stadium, or a half teaspoon of sugar in an olympic-size swimming pool

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How big of a threat is cancer?

According to the National Canine Cancer Foundation, 1 in 3 dogs will be diagnosed with cancer and 50% of those dogs will die from cancer.

There is hope! More than half of all cancer types in dogs can be treated if caught early.

Periodic screening with ScoutMD can help catch cancer early and give your pet a better chance of beating the disease.

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Screening your pet is easy!

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Order a kit with easy to follow instructions. Kits typically arrive within a few business days.

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Activate your kit online, collect a swab sample and return the sample for processing.


Your pet's sample is presented to our specially trained cancer scent detection dogs for screening.


Once the screening is complete you will be notified that your pet's results are available online.